Illuminating Lives

Illuminated Lives // Perforated Postcard Series

A series of found materials - vintage postcards - perforated and photographed over a light box.

Paris... 14th Feb 1912

Dear Mother

I have managed to get to the station for [...] alright. Everybody jabbers at a terrible pace, but I managed to make myself understood. I am now waiting for my train. 
I like the photograph of our family and miss you and father very much. Won't be long before [...].
Dear love to all

Your loving son

Plymouth... 18th Jan 1988

My sincere apologies for the use of inappropriate language yesterday. I wanted to tell you about N's optician's appointment today, but you said something about socks.


South Kensington... 9th Aug 1906

Dear C

Just a line to say I am still alive, now I think you are very sharp.
I sent two p.c as soon as I received yours, now you need not think I am too busy, if it was next week you might think I was too busy in this fashion, as I am wicked enough for anything, the flowers will arrive later, sorry we kept you waiting so long, hope you are enjoying yourself, the place looks lovely.

heaps of evol from
your Emily

Hythe... 7th Sep 1914

We are enjoying ourselves here very much.
The weather is lovely. Daddy and I bathed this afternoon. 

Love W.B.K

2nd Sep 1922

Dear Bill

Will see you at 8.30 same place.
Frank left me with all his gear when he came back on Saturday, so will have to see him on Tuesday & expect he will want to rub my ankle

Yours Charles


Plymouth... 10th Aug 1915

Dear E
I shall be out tonight Wednesday will be down the same place about the same time
Yours D.S