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Renewable Energy

I built WREN’s original website and helped with their marketing on a pro-bono basis.

Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network (WREN) is a social enterprise with four broad principles:

1. WREN is primarily an economic programme of community investment, where environmental and climate issues are implicit.
2. WREN seeks to engage the entire population, not just those already concerned with these issues.
3. WREN seeks to save and generate energy at a scale that will have a meaningful impact upon the population’s actual consumption.
4. WREN subjects itself to rigorous external evaluation.

The community of Wadebridge and surrounding villages are entitled to benefit from their own natural energy resources and subsequent production, rather than the traditional model of large companies profiting outside of the town, the county of Cornwall, or even outside of the UK.

WREN has been designed as an exemplar to facilitate the wider implementation of the low carbon economy in similar populations within the UK, Europe and beyond.


"Shayne has made a highly significant contribution to bringing WREN's activities to the attention of a wider audience through his management of our digital communication channels, from building and maintaining WREN's website, his SEO expertise, and to the use of social media to engage with our ever growing audience online. The notice that WREN has attracted nationally and internationally is largely attributable to Shayne's exceptional capacity.

On a more personal level, he is an ideal colleague through being insightful, supportive, quick to appreciate where his input is required, as well as completely dependable and reliable. One never has to question whether or not a task will be done on time and to the highest standards. I could not recommend anyone in his field more highly."

~ Professor Stephen Frankel, Chair of the Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network's Board of Directors.