The Staves

A Lumia Live Session

Hosted by Nokia Music

I received an invite from Nokia Music to a not so secret Lumia Live gig by The Staves at the hidden hut. That evening we found ourselves eating bowls of paella cooked to perfection at the hidden hut’s supper club, with a seemingly endless supply of wine, all courtesy of Nokia. After dinner we all strolled down to the beach and perched on the rocks to hear The Staves perform.

I don’t know if those angelic voices brought tears from heaven, I’m spiritual but not a religious man. Basically it pissed down and we all ran for cover. Taking shelter under a couple of gazebos we were entertained by The Staves as they sang their beautiful songs from the hidden hut’s kitchen.

Later they joined us under the gazebos and to much drunken heckling sang for us some more. It was a wonderful experience.