Testimonials // Case Studies


Case Study

Under contract to Synexus Clinical Research, as their Global Social Media Strategist, working remotely with the Patient Engagement Teams (B2C) and Business Development Teams (B2B), Shayne was responsible for creating a global social media content marketing strategy & project managing the delivery of the strategy, which incorporated content marketing, social media and SEO, in a regional context across eight countries.

He managed marketing teams across all eight countries and led the ideation & development of content assets; written copy, graphic design, photography & video for digital and print, ultimately delivering compliant multi-channel engagement, within specific brand guidelines.

Shayne advised the CEO & C-suite on the procurement of enterprise social listening & engagement SaaS, to monitor social media & online forums around specific medical conditions and to enable engagement where appropriate. The software also assists with reputation management. He reported directly to the CEO & C-suite on marketing ROI.

During his time with Synexus he beta tested the health app; ‘Health-Unlocked’.

Shayne also represented Synexus at the 9th Clinical Trials Summit in London, where he hosted an international panel discussion on ‘Social Media Marketing’ in Health Care.


"During his time at Synexus, Shayne has developed and implemented a Global Digital Strategy that incorporates social media, content marketing and SEO.

Shayne has also supported and trained employees across 8 countries to embed our Social Media marketing campaign to gain competitive advantage.

Since Shayne’s role was introduced we have seen our LinkedIn Corporate profile flourish and our followers have trebled in numbers, which has strengthened our Employer Brand.

Shayne has also supported our annual prestigious awards ceremony attending to shoot digital footage, which was used internally and externally for promotion of the event.

Shayne is a creative thinker with a true passion for his line of work."
- Wendy Ingham, Group HR Director, Synexus Clinical Research Ltd.



Case Study

Responsible for creating the group’s marketing strategies across their group of businesses; The Financial Advice Centre, FAC Properties and Ocean & Country Estate Agents.

Shayne built FAC Group’s website and project managed the development of their estate agencies websites; FAC Properties and Ocean & Country. 

Also responsible for delivering progress reports and delivering marcom training to staff on a quarterly basis across their five offices in the South West.


“Shayne has been a great asset within our group of businesses. He strives to understand the complex nature of the differing aspects of the businesses, and has ensured the various projects that he has managed for us have been delivered on time, professionally and in a way that suits the specific requirements of each business.

Shayne has an excellent understanding of the world of digital communication and has been instrumental in developing successful strategies and training team members.

I have no hesitation in recommending Shayne’s services to you.”
- Andrew Harvey Cert PFS, Cert CII (MP), Managing Director, FAC Group.


Case Study

While contracted to Suzanne Sparrow Language School, as their Marketing & Communications Manager, Shayne built the school’s website, and managed the school’s UK & International marketing activities.

He was responsible for a product portfolio and developing markets across EMEA and the Asia Pacific regions, which involved identifying and nurturing partnerships with key stakeholders; centres of education and individual agents in different countries and across varying cultures.

Shayne was ultimately appointed as a member of the school’s senior management team, primarily appointed in order to project manage a business development strategy, which helped to build on the strong foundations of a school that had been established for 40 years.


“Shayne came to work for the language school on a short term basis and we were very happy when this turned into a longer term agreement.

He enabled me to see the potential of the digital world and as importantly explain it to me in such a way that I could understand. For those who know me they will realise  the difficulty of that achievement.

The work he carried out for the school was of the highest standard and I would be very happy to use his services again in the future.”
- Hilary Desvernay, Principal, Suzanne Sparrow Plymouth Language School.


Case Study

Managing WREN’s content marketing, including web design, on a pro bono basis.

Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network (WREN) is a social enterprise with four broad principles:

1. WREN is primarily an economic programme of community investment, where environmental and climate issues are implicit.
2. WREN seeks to engage the entire population, not just those already concerned with these issues.
3. WREN seeks to save and generate energy at a scale that will have a meaningful impact upon the population’s actual consumption.
4. WREN subjects itself to rigorous external evaluation.

The community of Wadebridge and surrounding villages are entitled to benefit from their own natural energy resources and subsequent production, rather than the traditional model of large companies profiting outside of the town, the county of Cornwall, or even outside of the UK.

WREN has been designed as an exemplar to facilitate the wider implementation of the low carbon economy in similar populations within the UK, Europe and beyond.


"Shayne has made a highly significant contribution to bringing WREN's activities to the attention of a wider audience through project managing our digital communication channels, building and maintaining WREN's website, and the effective adoption of social media to engage with our ever growing audience online. The notice that WREN has attracted nationally and internationally is largely attributable to Shayne's exceptional capacity.

On a more personal level, he is an ideal colleague through being insightful, supportive, quick to appreciate where his input is required, as well as completely dependable and reliable. One never has to question whether or not a task will be done on time and to the highest standards. I could not recommend anyone in his field more highly."
- Professor Stephen Frankel, Chair of the Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network's Board of Directors.


Case Study

Shayne approached Associated Northcliffe Digital (AND), the digital consumer division of DMGT in 2010 and together they launched one of its ‘Local People’ websites in Wadebridge, Cornwall.

The hyperlocal ‘Local People’ websites allow people from local communities to write and publish their own stories and content relating to local issues and news. Unlike more traditional local websites, all content is created by the people (UGC) using the site.

Shayne worked on a freelance contract as Community Publisher. His role was to project manage the site and contribute some content. The primary role of Community Publishers was to encourage other local people to get involved, write articles and upload content. His work also involved a considerable amount of SEO.

As community publisher he published stories, photo galleries and videos on the 'Local People' network throughout the South West, including This Is Cornwall.

The statistics:
· One million monthly users generating over three million pageviews
· At least a third of the town’s population across all 165 localpeople sites are active users - Source ~ Omniture regional stats vs Local Authority Data 2011


"Shayne House is an accomplished professional in the field of digital communication. His creative thinking enables him to effortlessly bridge the gap between creative and commercial, delivering results that far exceed expectations."
- Marc Cooper, Head of Publishing, Northcliffe Media.


Case Study

Shayne co-founded the Tea Appreciation Society in 2008; essentially as a social media experiment. As an early adopter of social media he was exploring how a brand could engage people online. He was responsible for developing and nurturing an online audience that grew organically (no paid adverts) to half a million. He did this by creating & curating relevant content on his blog and on social media.

Shayne developed a range of merchandise, which included organic cotton t-shirts that were made with the aid of wind & solar energy, and printed with tongue-in-cheek tea related slogans using water based inks.

He also worked with a tea merchant and developed a range of tea that was soil association organic certified. He ensured that the Tea Appreciation Society was the only tea brand in the UK to be signed up to Patagonia’s 1% for the planet initiative.

The success of the T.A.S enabled Shayne to develop & monetise co-marketing opportunities with brands such as Cravendale, Make Mine A Builders & Yorkshire Tea, all of whom commissioned him to help grow their online ‘communities’. This was prior to Facebook launching their own advertising model.

Shayne was also a consultant to KEO Films and the BBC, on Victoria Wood’s two-part programme; A Nice Cup of Tea (2013).


"The word ‘influencer’ comes to mind when I think of Shayne House. He has an incredible ability to get ideas to really connect to online audiences. As such I have worked with him over the years on various projects and hope to continue to into the future. Oh... and on top of all that he is a top bloke."
- Jonathan Chiu, Brand Manager, Make Mine a Builders Tea.



"Shayne House is an excellent Self Shooting Producer / Director. He excels as a director of photography, cameraman, sound technician and editor, he's a veritable film crew all rolled into one. Shayne is also an accomplished project manager, he's 100% reliable and never fails to deliver projects on time. Shayne is extremely flexible and seems to thrive on tight deadlines.

Although Shayne freelances for the Eden Project he is very much seen as part of the digital team, and we rely on his enthusiasm, creativity and professionalism on every job. As well as working closely with our team he regularly works with other departments who commission him to produce short films for special projects.

If you're looking for a professionally produced film I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Shayne."
- Nina Whitby, Editor, The Digital Team, Eden Project.



“Shayne is a digital marketing expert with both design and copywriting expertise. However he also possesses other qualities that are often in short supply elsewhere. He cares about what he does and the way he does it, isn’t afraid to stick his neck out and is a great bloke to work with.

I was thrilled when he agreed to supply some copy and expertise for my new book, The Camper Van Coast and he rose to the occasion brilliantly with some top notch bits of information. We liked it so much, in fact, that it has become a feature of each and every chapter.

So, the long and short of it is, if you’re not going to hire me, hire him.”
- Martin Dorey, Writer and TV Presenter.



"I hired Shayne as a Digital Communication Consultant to help Campaign Paintball Park get to grips with our marketing needs. I can highly recommend Shayne, he is personable, displays patience in sharing his expertise, and he's a very creative thinker." - Jim Sennet, Director, Campaign Paintball Park, Cobham, Surrey.



"Whenever I need someone with technical skills that match their creative thinking, I call on Shayne. He's a rare find - someone who knows how to create impactful, quality work, with sound strategic thinking behind it. Not to mention his can-do attitude, professional approach and general positive outlook. Always a pleasure."
- Clare Howdle, Director, Stranger Collective.



"Shayne has been indispensable to Seed Surf Co. His creative flair knows no bounds! He continues to be a huge asset, and I can always rely on him whenever I need his assistance."
- Mikey Koskela, Managing Director, Seed Surf Co.



"I recently had the pleasure of working with Shayne on a project for a client of ours and must say that I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of work and Shayne's enthusiasm from start to finish.

He really was an invaluable part of the project which has proven to be a real success, due in no small part to Shayne's creative input prior to - and on the day of - filming, as well as his fantastic editing / post-production.

I would jump at the chance to work with Shayne again given the opportunity, and honestly can't recommend him enough. Very, very impressed - as is the client in question. Thank you!"
- Aimee Talbot, Technical SEO Manager, Varn Agency.

Hi5 Art Collective


“I’ve known Shayne for a few years now and we've worked together on various projects. He’s a great facilitator of creative print and digital ventures and he never fails to come up with the goods in the most creative and surprising way. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again. He makes a great cup of tea too!"
- Caroline Pedler, MA, Illustrator-Artist.



"I have known Shayne House for a number of years. We both freelanced for Associated Northcliffe Digital Media across their regional and hyperlocal news and business websites, managing sites, networking with local businesses and writing and filing news stories.

I also know Shayne as one of the driving forces behind the WREN campaign, for which he managed their digital marketing & communications. I turned to Shayne’s expertise when I needed a high quality website to showcase my work. He designed and built the website for me, further demonstrating his ease and experience in the digital comms field.

I know Shayne to be a highly motivated, dedicated and talented individual with strong work ethos which frequently drives him to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure project delivery to the exceedingly high standards he keeps himself to. He is a loyal and committed friend with a wonderful artistic eye and keen attention to detail.

I am extremely happy with my website and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Shayne for anyone’s digital marketing & communication requirements."
- Siobhan ONeill, Writer and Journalist.



"I was blown away by Shayne's enthusiasm and drive. The digital promotion and creative use of social media that Shayne facilitated was indispensable. Also the professionalism and flexibility that he displayed whilst we worked together made an exciting but stressful new venture much easier, and the value-add for the project was priceless. It’s been a pleasure to work with Shayne and I hope that we can continue the working relationship for other projects in the future."
- Sarah Spiegler-Williams, Visitor & Education Officer, Gyllyngdune Gardens at the Princess Pavilion, Falmouth. 

If you’d like to request Shayne’s availability and fees, send an email to shayne@shaynehouse.com