Shayne House

Synexus Clinical Research

Human Health

As a Consultant to Synexus Clinical Research (human health), I worked with local country managers, marketing managers, patient engagement teams and business development teams, in a regional context across eight countries. I was responsible for creating an integrated marketing strategy & project managing the delivery of the multi channel strategy, which incorporated print and digital content marketing, as well as social media and SEO.

The marcom strategy that I implemented bridged the gap between offline & online experiences, with the goal of optimising the company's contribution to getting new medicines to market. The strategy promotes authenticity in everyday communications, with colleagues, with health care professionals, with sponsors and with patients.

I worked collaboratively with teams across all eight countries to identify opportunities within each distinct market. I then directed the ideation & development of content collateral, to support national campaigns in each country, ultimately delivering compliant & impactful multi-channel engagement, within specific brand guidelines.

Part of my work was to advise the Synexus c-suite on the procurement of social listening & engagement SaaS, following a robust vendor analysis. The software enables patient engagement teams to monitor social media and online forum discussions around specific medical conditions, enabling engagement where appropriate. The software also assists with reputation management.

My work was directly attributed to increasing patient sign up for clinical studies, ultimately enabling new medicines to come to market within specific timescales, (85% of all clinical trials will ordinarily experience delays). I was instrumental in delivering successful patient research studies relating to osteoporosis and asthma.  

During my time with Synexus I also beta tested a 3rd party app; ‘Health-Unlocked’, and I represented Synexus at the 9th Clinical Trials Summit in London, where I hosted an international panel discussion on Social Media in Health Care.


"During his time at Synexus, Shayne has developed and implemented a Global Digital Strategy that incorporates social media, content marketing and SEO.

Shayne has also supported and trained employees across 8 countries to embed our Social Media marketing campaign to gain competitive advantage.

Since Shayne’s role was introduced we have seen our LinkedIn Corporate profile flourish and our followers have trebled in numbers, which has strengthened our Employer Brand.

Shayne has also supported our annual prestigious awards ceremony attending to shoot digital footage, which was used internally and externally for promotion of the event.

Shayne is a creative thinker with a true passion for his line of work."

~ Wendy Ingham, Group HR Director, Synexus Clinical Research Ltd.