Siobhan O'Neill

Web Design for Siobhan O'Neill

"I have known Shayne House as a friend and colleague for a number of years. We both freelanced for Associated Northcliffe Digital Media across their regional and hyperlocal news and business websites, managing sites, networking with local businesses and writing and filing news stories.

I also know Shayne as one of the driving forces behind the WREN campaign, for which he managed their digital marketing & communications.

I turned to Shayne’s expertise when I needed a high quality website to showcase my work. He designed and built the website for me, further demonstrating his ease and experience in the digital comms field.

I know Shayne to be a highly motivated, dedicated and talented individual with strong work ethos which frequently drives him to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure project delivery to the exceedingly high standards he keeps himself to. He is a loyal and committed friend with a wonderful artistic eye and keen attention to detail. I am extremely happy with my website and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Shayne for anyone’s digital marketing & communication requirements."

~ Siobhan ONeill, Writer and Journalist.
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