Shayne House X Ryoichi Tsunekawa

I designed these 3 posters, using 3 simple colourways, to promote hygiene in the age of coronavirus / covid-19.

Ryoichi Tsunekawa’s distressed font is a perfect fit, giving an air of disease and decay.

Personally I’ve always been very conscious of other people’s germs (as well as my own), on ATMs, chip & pin devices and petrol pumps, to name just a few... There's a lot more work to be done, you dirty humans.

These high resolution posters are free to use, simply download directly from this website below...

Design by Shayne House  
Font by Ryoichi Tsunekawa 

Download: Spread Love Not Germs Wash Your Hands
Download: Cleanliness Is Not Just For Coronavirus Wash Your Hands
Download: Read This Poster And Remember Wash Your Hands
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