Open Studios Cornwall

I attended a private view, a precursor to the Open Studios event, where artists across Cornwall throw open their doors. I was invited by my friend Christina Romero-Cross who is participating in the Open Studios event with Elspeth Hamilton.

I drove along the thin road that meanders across Bodmin moor to Elspeth’s home. She has kindly allowed friends and strangers to visit at their will. I slowed as I passed wild ponies so as to appreciate them more. On another occasion I may have considered my progress hampered as they wandered across the road in front of me, but the clouds had drifted away leaving a brilliant blue sky, and I savoured the early evening sun intensifying the greens and browns of the moorland as I slowly journeyed to my destination.

On arrival at the old farmhouse I chatted with new and familiar faces. The wine flowed, and we discussed art, and work, and the things of everyday life.

I enjoyed a lot of the work on display. I understand the motivation behind the art, particularly the many levels of Christina’s work around stories, but I’m uncomfortable when it comes to writing about art. I am reminded of the words of Martin Mull “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” Music is art.

Christina and Elspeth are simply two of many artists that open their studio doors for Open Studios Cornwall.

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