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I approached Associated Northcliffe Digital, the digital consumer division of DMGT in 2010 and together we launched one of its ‘Local People’ websites in Wadebridge, Cornwall.

The hyperlocal sites allow people from local communities to write and publish their own stories and content relating to local issues and news. Unlike more traditional local websites, all content is created by the people using the site.

I worked from August 2010 to August 2012 on a freelance contract as Community Publisher. The primary role of Community Publishers is to encourage other local people to get involved, write articles and upload content. As community publisher I also published stories, photo galleries and video on the 'local people' network throughout the South West, including This Is Cornwall.

The statistics:
· One million monthly users generating over three million pageviews
· At least a third of the town’s population across all 165 localpeople sites are active users - Source ~ Omniture regional stats vs Local Authority Data 2011

Testimonial below...

"Shayne House is an accomplished professional in the field of digital communication and SEO. His creative thinking enables him to effortlessly bridge the gap between creative and commercial, delivering results that far exceed expectations."

~ Marc Cooper, Head of Publishing, Northcliffe Media.
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