Musee Dezentral Exhibition

Peony No.4 from the Dying Of The Light origin collection, in the Musee Dezentral Exhibition, in the metaverse. In collaboration with Voice NFT platform.

The Dying Of The Light Origin Collection is a single peony photographed once a week, over 4 weeks, on 35mm film.

The 4 printed photographs were manipulated, by perforating them with a pin.

The photographs were then placed onto a lightbox and re-photographed with the light shining through the tiny perforations.

The collection celebrates the natural world, the cycle of life and reminds us of its inherent fragility.

Musee Dezentral was designed to reimagine the way artists and art collectors can display their artwork, while simultaneously allowing visitors of Musee Dezentral to experience art in new and immersive ways that are borderless and completely free from the limitations of physical space.

The Dying Of The Light Origin Collection 

Peony No. 4 was also the artwork for Bryde’s (Sarah Howells / ex Paper Aeroplanes) single ‘Less’, released 2017.