Multiple Exposure A1.3

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Multiple Exposure A1.3 

Multiple Exposure A1.3

Multiple Exposure is a photographic project that Tim Langsford and I collaborated on between 2020-2021, each with our own perspective on the impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic.

The photographs were shot on Ilford HP5, high-speed ISO 400, 35mm film.

We shot a roll each and then exchanged films, reloading them in our cameras and shooting each roll again, creating double exposures.

The images portray feelings of solitude, anxiety, sorrow and hope, which affected us all.

Sustainability, Shipping & Packaging

This high-quality archival giclée print is environmentally friendly; printed & dispatched exclusively by The Print Space, London - the UK's only carbon-neutral fine art printer - on the world’s first digital fine art paper, made from bamboo fibres.

Hahnemühle Bamboo 290gsm fine art paper is made from 90% Bamboo fibres and 10% cotton. It consumes very little water in the production process. This natural warm-toned, matt surfaced and optical brightening agent-free genuine art paper offers maximum ageing resistance.

Being carbon neutral is not the whole story, the materials used to package Shayne House Studio orders have been carefully selected to reduce the impact on the environment while ensuring your order gets to you in perfect condition. The packaging used in your order is either recyclable or biodegradable. This includes stickers, tape as well as the frame edge protectors used.

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