Looking Through Glass

‘Looking through Glass’ is a photographic exhibition contest.

The invitation was to submit a photograph that reflects or symbolizes what you see from your windows while being stuck in during the Covid 19 lockdown. The window can be real or metaphoric. A manipulated image is also acceptable.

The idea is to get a real picture of what life is like outside but from within.

Here is my submission...

Artwork title: Self (Isolation) Portrait // 3 Generations X 2 Exposures

Full name: Shayne House

Short description of the work:

Self (Isolation) Portrait // 3 Generations X 2 Exposures

This double exposure photograph of three generations includes Shayne House; the Photographer (me), Lucia House (my daughter), and Hudson Tuckley (my grandson).

Lucia gave birth to Hudson at the very beginning of the UK lockdown. I was unable to visit them in the hospital, and 1 month on, I am still unable to meet them in person, hug my daughter or hold my grandson.

The photograph was captured in a period of (literal) reflection and introspection.

Lucia was photographed through the glass of my desktop computer, via a FaceTime call.

My self-portrait was taken through the glass of my bathroom mirror.

The double exposure technique was created in photoshop.  

The double exposure technique highlights both the emotional closeness and physical distance we experience during the UK lockdown, due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

The photograph celebrates our relationship and connection with our family, despite the many miles separating us, the restrictions to travel and ultimately social distancing that is required.


My work has been included in the virtual exhibition video (below) and featured on the Creative Innovation Centre website at: https://www.creativeinnovationcentre.co.uk/shows-exhibitions/in-isolation-art-photo-competition-exhibition-results