Instant Abstraction NFT Collection

Instant Abstraction NFT Collection (6)

The instant photographs were taken from the south coast of England, looking out to sea, with a view of lobster pots and fishing boats.

Using the instant photograph as a canvas, the seascape, fishing boats and people in the photo are abstracted by the painting on the surface.

The barely visible elements of the photograph offer a glimpse of the horizon and beyond it we can imagine the coast of France.

By painting directly onto the photograph as an addition and obscuring feature, Shayne recontextualises the original photograph.

Layers of intense colour create rich complexity and alter notions of time and narrative.

The Instant Abstraction collections are minted & listed on Voice, an NFT platform utilising a carbon-neutral blockchain.

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Garlic & Sapphires

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Forgotten Wars

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Heart of Light

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Drift of Stars

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Lucid Stillness

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Carry the Sun

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