IVC Evidensia

Animal Health

Remote working for Europe's largest independent veterinary group, I cover the South West, South Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Essentially I help Veterinary Professionals, at a local practice level, get the very best from their marketing & communications activity.

I achieve this by conducting business and competitor analysis, and providing clear strategic planning to drive business growth; I consult on both online and offline content marketing activity which includes, but is not limited to, web design, social media management, community engagement, Google My Business (local search) optimization, general SEO, paid social advertising, email campaigns and direct mail. I also review & advise on internal and external signage, as well as in-practice merchandising of the IVCE products portfolio.

I advocate bonding clients to practice through the adoption of more impactful marketing & communications activity, which engages the community, drives business growth and ultimately improves animal health.

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