Shayne House


I wrote a Manifesto for Tea Drinkers, inspired by the Italian Futurist Manifesto of 1909.

The manifesto was championed and published by Howies.

Here is the Manifesto in full:

Manifesto of the Tea Appreciation Society Inspired by Marinetti’s 1909 Futurist Manifesto

1 We want to sing the love of tea.

2 The essential elements of our poetry will be loose leaf tea, boiled water, a tea pot, a china cup and a biscuit.

3 Literature has up to now magnified idleness, and slumber. We want to exalt these slow movements of ecstasy, feverish boiling of the kettle, the pour, the perilous stir, the rattle and the clink of the spoon.

4 We declare that the splendour of the world has been enriched by an old beauty: the beauty of tea.

5 Beauty exists only in considered brewing. There is no masterpiece that has an aggressive character. Poetry is not a violent assault on the forces of infusion.

6 We want to glorify peace - the only cure for the world – militarism, patriotism; these destructive gestures kill the beautiful ideas of the human race.

7 We want to visit museums and libraries, encourage philosophy.

8 We will sing of the great crowds agitated by work; the revolt. We will rejoice in the baking of bread. The polyphonic surf of revolutions in modern music as we play our ukuleles. The nocturnal vibration of the worms in our compost, our spirits suspended from the clouds by the thread of string ‘n tag teabags, and the gliding flight of creativity whose propeller sounds like the sipping of enthusiastic tea drinkers.