Dying Of The Light Peony Origin NFT Collection

The Origin Collection

This collection consists of 4 images of a single peony photographed once a week, over 4 weeks on 35mm film.

The 4 printed photographs were manipulated, by perforating them with a pin.

The photographs were then placed onto a lightbox and re-photographed with the light shining through the tiny perforations.

Peony No. 4 was used as the artwork for Bryde’s (Sarah Howells (ex Paper Aeroplanes)) single ‘Less’, released February 20th 2017.

The DOTL NFT Collections celebrate the natural world, the cycle of life and remind us of its inherent fragility.

The Dying Of The Light NFT collections are minted & listed on Voice, an NFT platform utilising a carbon-neutral blockchain.

Peony // Origin Collection // #1

NFT ︎︎︎ https://www.voice.com/creation/100000001015491 

Peony // Origin Collection // #2

NFT ︎︎︎ https://www.voice.com/creation/100000001015494 

Peony // Origin Collection // #3

NFT ︎︎︎ https://www.voice.com/creation/100000001015495 

Peony // Origin Collection // #4

NFT ︎︎︎ https://www.voice.com/creation/100000001015499