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Shayne House works on positive impact projects, predominantly in the arts, education, financial services and the life sciences: human and animal health

Shayne’s services include, but are not limited to marcom consulting, content strategy & creation.

Shayne fosters a multidisciplinary approach to commercial projects, working with photography, video, copywriting & graphic design, alongside clear strategic thinking, in order to support creative marketing & communications campaigns.  

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Shayne has previously worked on a diverse range of contracts & commissions:

Content creation for Not Actual Size agency, on Unilever’s Dove Self-Esteem Project, helping to build self-esteem in young people
︎︎︎ Integrated marcoms for Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network, helping this eco-energy start-up to mobilise an entire town towards energy self-sufficiency
︎︎︎ Integrated marcoms, including editorial strategy of financial news, website design and digital editor of the website for the Financial Advice Centre Group
︎︎︎ Developing co-marketing initiatives with Howies︎︎︎︎ that directly supported The Do Lectures during their start-up phase
︎︎︎ Supporting RefuAid’s ‘Language Gateway’ project, which increases access to English language tuition for people who have claimed asylum in the UK
︎︎︎ Editorial strategy & content creation for Synexus Clinical Research, helping deliver successful patient research studies relating to osteoporosis and asthma
︎︎︎ Contributing writer to Martin Dorey’s second book - The Campervan Coast - published by Saltyard Books
︎︎︎ Creating content; photo, video & copy for Associated Northcliffe Digital (AND). In collaboration with AND, launched one of its ‘Local People’ websites in Cornwall
︎︎︎ Video production for The Eden Project (five-year tenure with the digital team), helping to communicate their work as an educational charity to a broader audience

He has also designed and built websites for diverse clients and created content for The Times, The Telegraph, The Metro, The Wall Street Journal and contracted as a consultant to KEO Films & the BBC.

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Shayne is currently:

︎︎︎︎ Working with Europe's largest veterinary group, IVC Evidensia, comprising a network of 2000+ clinics, hospitals and out of hours centres based in 20 countries. Ultimately helping to improve animal health
︎︎︎︎ Consulting, where there is no conflict of interest
︎︎︎︎ Web design and content creation (photography, video, copywriting, graphic design) 
︎︎︎ Dividing his time between commercial contracts and his creative practice

If you’d like to discuss your project, and how Shayne can help you, email